The exterior of the house is what "welcomes us home". From landscaping to new siding to upgraded window or replaced roofing, the view from the street can be just as exciting as the interior space. When the roofing of the house is a significant architectural component, materials other than asphalt shingles have often been used. Many who love houses especially love those old slate and tile roofs. Some more rustic houses may sport a wooden shake or shingle roof though many such roofs are forbidden in fire prone areas.

The asphalt shingle roofing of old may not even be a close resemblance to what is available today. Certainly the newer architectural grade asphalt shingles cost more but in many cases they provide an appearance resembling slate, tile, and wood.

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While the interior of a home is all-important, the exterior of the house is what welcomes us home. From landscaping to new siding to upgraded windows, the view from the street can be just as exciting as the interior space. As such, simple maintenance will provide immediate exterior appeal. Of course, upgrades to landscaping and roofing, or even a deck addition, can also add "wow factor" and value. But there are many other methods to improving outdoor aesthetics and value to your home.

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