Americans and Canadians usually take excellent water and sewer service for granted even though the bills for water tend to keep climbing. From cooking in the kitchen, doing laundry, or brushing our teeth, the functions of the plumbing system almost go unnoticed...until something goes wrong. Most plumbing systems are connected to public water supply and sewer systems but older homes and country properties may be serviced by private systems. Private systems are almost always going to be more problematic and hence expensive to operate and maintain than public systems.

Private systems usually have a limited life expectancy and when/if they need to be replaced, a new well can cost $10,000.00 or more, while a high-tech septic system usually starts at $15,000.00 and up. These replacements rarely present themselves as options and are frequently major budget busters.

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Plumbing comprises a vast network of channels that carry fluids in and out of a home. The flow of water starts from a public water system or a private well and travels into the house. From there, the water and waste flow from the house to the public sewer or private septic tank. Within the home, plumbing allows water flow to and from the various areas of the house such as sinks, toilets, boilers, etc. From cooking in the kitchen to doing laundry to brushing our teeth, the functions of the plumbing system almost go unnoticed...until something goes wrong. Gravity and water pressure are key areas of concern when trying to keep a plumbing system working smoothly. Focusing on those aspects, you can make a multitude of repairs or upgrades to your home's plumbing system through a contractor or do-it-yourself project. You'll not only save time and money, but gain leverage in negotiating the cost for whatever the project entails.


Faulty Water Heaters

Most domestic water heating is accomplished by relatively large tanks heated by gas, oil, or electricity. (Show pictures of each type) Some domestic water is heated...


Clogged/Slow Draining Sink/Tub

At times, air bubbles can get trapped under stoppers but the drain will work fine if the stopper is lifted to allow the bubbles to escape...


Blocked Toilets

Replacing toilets is an easy and surprisingly inexpensive DIY job. Buy an extra wax ring at the home center since first time 'DIYers' often crack this when reinstalling the toilet...


Leaking Taps

Decades ago, a dripping faucet would mean a worn out washer at the base of the hot or cold faucet. Back then, the stem of the faucet pushed down against an opening and...